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The body is a temple; the capsule that houses and carries us through life. It keeps us safe from harm, propels us through physical challenges, and presents visual cues to others about its current health. Its health and ability to perform is of great importance.


The mind is intimately connected to the body. Its perceptions, emotions and patterns have a direct effect on the health and performance of the body. Mastery of the mind is arguably more important then the conditioning of the body; it will give you mastery over the body.


Spirit is tasteless yet powerful. Without knowing anything about a person, you can estimate if they’re strong, stressed, healthy, guilty, joyful, arrogant, tired, or confidant. Spirit drives the mind and body to achieve it's goals. What is your spirit like?


Gain the balance and body you have been seeking. Learn to defend yourself or engage in competition in karate, mixed martial arts, also known as kickboxing or regular boxing. Flexibility and a more attractive physique will be yours utilizing our programs of one on one attention.

What is your motivation to be like the people who train with Calasanz? Contact us to discuss how we can get you on your way to the body you want. Call 203 847-2568