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Body, Mind, Spirit


The body is a temple, the capsule that houses and carries us through life. Through our feelings and senses it feeds our thoughts and understanding of the universe. It keeps us safe from harm, propels us through physical challenges, and presents visual cues to others about its current health. So vastly complex, even the most intelligent among us cannot completely understand it. One thing remains certain though, it’s health and ability to perform is of great importance.

The Calasanz System calls upon ancient, time tested disciplines and modern sports conditioning modalities to hone strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, reaction, muscle unity, and internal harmony. Our System makes your body healthy and maximizes it’s potential athletically and aesthetically.


The mind is intimately connected to the body. Its perceptions, emotions and patterns have a direct effect on the health and performance of the body. Mastery of the mind is arguably more important then the conditioning of the body. Mastering the mind will give you mastery over the body.

We help to guide you to your goals. Any path you choose will take focus, fortitude, and discipline. Each person’s goal and subsequent challenges will be different. But the mindset will be the same. The urge to quit may present itself whether you are trying to lose weight, learn a new technique, or train for a fight. The urge to do more will also come about… when you really should be resting. Our system will challenge you to gain control of the mind, disciplining it to endure through tough times and remain calm and diligent through the good.


Spirit is tasteless and silent, but you can feel it. You can feel someone’s presence when they’re near and it lingers after they’ve gone. Without speaking a word, without knowing anything about a person, you can estimate if they’re strong, stressed, healthy, guilty, joyful, arrogant, tired, or confident. What’s your spirit like?

Spirit is the result and sum of experiences the body and mind have lived through. Our System provides a diverse way to take your body and mind through a range of experiences that forge spirit through a delicate blend of rigor and nurturing. Creating a spirit that is strong, healthy, calm, confidant, clear, humble, and in complete harmony with the universe around it.