In the movie Crossing The Line, Calasanz stars as Jose Fernandez, a hard hitting kickboxer and martial arts instructor.

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Crossing The Line
In the movie Crossing The Line, Calasanz stars as Jose Fernandez, a hard hitting kickboxer and martial arts instructor. Jose rises to stardom after winning the world championship. His popularity attracts the attention of Jimmy Scarfone, a local hoodlum and owner of sleazy strip clubs, who becomes obsessed with the fighter’s new celebrity status, and begins to stalk him. Jose’s every move becomes the subject of Scarfone’s Americas Most Violent Videos. Soon Scarfone finds the ordinary life of a fighter is not exciting enough and sets about to change that. A series of violent encounters, lead to the eventual kidnapping of the champion. Awesome fight scenes make Calasanz’s debut a must-see for the martial arts enthusiast. Crossing The Line was produced in Fairfield County, CT by Coast Entertainment. The movie played in theaters on the East Coast and in the Dominican Republic, where Calasanz is a national hero.

Only The Strong
Only The Strong was a 1993 martial arts movie that showcased the ancient art of Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines fighting with dancing, and musical and vocal accompaniment. This art originated in Angola and was brought to Brazil by African slaves in the 16th Century. Slave masters banned slaves from practicing any type of martial art for fear of rebellion. To keep their fighting skills sharp, slaves disguised this fighting art in dance like movements. In this movie, a karate champion stationed in South America for the US Army, returns to his home in America to find his former high school infested with drug dealers and criminals. He takes on a clean up project by teaching the art of Capoeira to others in hopes of eliminating the menace in his community. The movie features Mark Dacascos and Paco Christian Prieto and includes appearances by Calasanz.

Creating The Body You Want
This fully illustrated hardcover book exhibits the basic exercises of the Calasanz System of physical development for men, women and children. It contains Calasanz’s sixteen basic floor and bar exercises for the gradual development of an agile, strong and elegant body. Each stretching exercise incorporates martial arts techniques intended to strengthen and elongate muscles. They stress flexibility, body conditioning and safety. This goal-oriented, ergonomically designed book lies flat on the floor beside you, to guide you step-by-step through each exercise. It features hundreds of sequentially linked photographs, functioning as a visual guide for each routine. “Creating The Body You Want” takes the reader on a brief journey into the history and philosophy of Martial Arts and uncovers ancient oriental wisdom and inspiration.

The book also comes with a 2 disk DVD which includes a visual demonstration of each exercise by Calasanz himself. Creating the Body You Want Book/DVD Combo.

A Lifetime of Lessons
Calasanz’ extended biography.  Detailed events of his life, and the interesting perspectives and philosophies that helped to evolve one of the most innovative and effective martial arts systems in the past several decades.