Tamajoshi enlisted Calasanz’s help and both men penned a script where good triumphs over evil.

Notable Moments

Martial Arts Drama – Dominican Republic 1979

Prior to his departure to America, Calasanz’s karate instructor, Master Tamajoshi Sakamoto, was inspired to create a theatrical martial arts drama that would showcase the best fighters in the Dominican Republic. Calasanz was not prepared for the elaborate production Master Tamajoshi had in mind. Tamajoshi enlisted Calasanz’s help and both men penned a script where good triumphs over evil. The plot involved two rival karate schools-Los Humilde or The Humble and Los Malos or The Bad. Los Humilde’s dojo was gaining the reputation as a place where men trained hard and fought for honor and dignity. Los Malos, on the other hand, set their sights on destroying any rival that would dare get in their way.

In order to save their school, Los Humilde dispatched their number one student to Japan, where he would train intensely and bring back the secrets that would help preserve the honor of their dojo. When it came to casting this character, there was no doubt in Master Tamajoshi’s mind that Calasanz would be the one. Calasanz’s devotion and skill made him the obvious choice. To add a sense of realism to this karate drama, Tamajoshi required the combatants to engage in authentic bouts, as opposed to choreographed fight scenes. The ultimate showdown pitted the two best fighters from the two rival schools. Tamajoshi cast Calasanz as the hope of Los Humildes and Rafael Martinez as the challenger for Los Malos. Martinez stood over 6 foot tall and weighed over 200lb. A professional boxer, Martinez was also a black belt and very well known for his fighting skill. In a real life match, Calasanz knocked Martinez out cold with one punch. After the knockout, Martinez tried to save face by telling Tamajoshi that Calasanz was too excited and Martinez did not have the energy to give this fight full effort. In retrospect, Calasanz realizes how crazy he was going up against such a brutal fighter!

The drama was a great hit and people tried to persuade Calasanz to stay and continue performing. Calasanz declined however, setting his sights on the United States and the adventures he would encounter on new soil.

Calasanz Superbreak – New York, NY 1985

Calasanz added his talent for showmanship to the ancient art of tameshiwara or breaking when he introduced US audiences to his incredible Super Breaks.

Calasanz’s Super Breaks consist 30 non-stop minutes of destruction, using hands, feet, knees, elbows and even the abdominal muscles as weapons. A one man demolition crew, Calasanz obliterates wooden boards, cinder blocks, bricks, roofing tile and baseball bats, in a breaking sequence choreographed with the logic and structure of a traditional martial arts kata. In between crushing and smashing, Calasanz adds defensive attacks against one or multiple opponents.

Conditioning for tameshiwara takes hours and hours of practice and dedication. Repeated striking of the makiwara (a canvas or rope padded flexible board) and other substances, such as sand and gravel, is essential in preparing the limbs for this grueling onslaught. The intensity of the strike is increased over time as the conditioned limb is able to handle more punishment. The limbs are also treated with a Chinese herbal liquid called dit da jow, which helps promote healing of bruises. Tameshiwara training reaps psychological benefits in that you learn to confront your fears, obtain the ability to see past the target and develop the fighting spirit.

From attackers to holders to debris sweepers, an average Super Break requires 15 to 25 people for it to run smoothly. The first Super Break took place in 1985 in New York City at a Fred Hamilton Tournament. Thirty-six champions competed including the Master Breaker who was pitted against Calasanz in the tameshiwara category. Calasanz was the audience favorite as he destroyed building materials and decimated attacker for 30 consecutive minutes. It took 45 minutes to calm the audience down after this rousing breaking assault!

Fight Nights – Norwalk, CT 1990

To take advantage of the growing interest in kickboxing, Calasanz, along with fellow martial artists and friends Jonas Nunez, Jr. and Ali Nazim, agreed to bring there respective schools together for a series of Fight Nights which took place at Calasanz’s school. Nunez, owner and operator of America’s Finest Karate & Kickboxing of Elizabeth, New Jersey, is a world renowned kickboxer and trainer of kickboxing champions. Nazim, a well known martial artist in his own right, owns and operates Connecticut’s Finest Karate & Kick-Boxing Academy in Stamford, Connecticut.

Preparing for the first match, Calasanz chose a willing student who was technically proficient in the system. As the weeks to the fight approached, Calasanz became increasingly aware that his student did not have the fighting spirit to withstand the reality and the brutality of the ring. Calasanz’s premonition proved correct when his student suffered an embarrassing loss. Calasanz admiringly learned a valuable lesson about the characteristics of what makes a good ring fighter and vowed to choose future fighters not only based on technical skill, but also on their fighting spirit. Calasanz recalls one fight in particular in which one of Nunez’s fighters was matched against a young man named Than. At the time of this fight, Than was under the supervision of another trainer and lost the match. Calasanz noticed this young man’s fighting spirit and believed that with the techniques of the Calasanz system, he could win a rematch. Nunez agreed to bring his man back in three weeks. Calasanz trained Than in the ring for 6 straight hours. The rematch redeemed Calasanz as his fighter was victorious.

Calasanz suspended the Fight Nights for a while in order to handle his expanding business. Calasanz now has the necessary trainers and support staff necessary to resume the professional and amateur kickboxing program at the school. He is also looking forward to training new and enthusiastic fighters.

The Calasanz Show – Cable Television 1996-1998

The Calasanz Show has aired on local Connecticut television for over 2 years. It has been Calasanz’s goal to educate the public in various aspects of the martial arts and The Calasanz Show has made him a household name in the community. The program has covered a variety of martial art related topics and includes powerful action footage of Calasanz and his students.

Open House, Exhibition, & Dojo Blessing – Norwalk, CT October 7, 2000

On October 7, 2000, Calasanz celebrated the new construction and architectural renovations made to his headquarters at 507 Westport Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut.  The school was transformed from a drab warehouse to an interior design resembling an Asian martial arts temple, complete with stone artwork, water fountains, coffee bar and upper level training facility.

A Feng Shui master conducted a dojo blessing ceremony, which was followed by a full day of martial arts demonstrations, including a Chinese Boxing form performed by Calasanz himself.  New York Times best selling author and long time student of Calasanz, Cathy Cash Spellman, hosted the event.

InterDojo – Online Martial Arts & Fitness Training Portal 2006

“CALASANZ INTERDOJO® – Online Martial Arts & Fitness Training Portal 2006”

In 2006, Calasanz introduced CALASANZ INTERDOJO® an Internet service that enables martial art and fitness enthusiasts across the globe to share Calasanz’s wealth of experience and information and interact with each other… online!  Until CALASANZ INTERDOJO® online training was introduced, THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ was only available to those who lived near his main headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, or one of Calasanz satellite schools in neighboring towns.

The way CALASANZ INTERDOJO® works is that after assessing your background, experience and goals, Calasanz tailors a multimedia-training program on DVD designed especially for you. Through a paid subscription, you have access to 100s of videos, pictures, audio files, e-books, and articles about THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ – a training system that includes workouts and instruction in various styles of martial arts, exercise, weight training and much more.

Members are also entitled to access to CALASANZ FORMULA VIDEOS™ – the complete CALASANZ SYSTEM™ demonstrated by Calasanz himself. These educational videos include physical conditioning, drills, floor exercises, ballet bar exercises, aerobic exercises, and much more. This service is updated regularly with fresh material, to continuously inspire at-home training.