Men’s Fitness Training for Norwalk, Fairfield, Stamford CT

Men’s Fitness

Calasanz Physical Arts and Conditioning – A program with results

For Everyone - Calasanz Physical Arts is great exercise for men, women, and children’s fitness. People of all ages, sizes, and abilities can perform these exercises with success.

Overall Body Workout - The exercises are performed with light ankle weights and dumbbells and done on the floor, ballet bar, special platform, or bench. This is holistic fitness training, so in the same exercise you are training strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscle unity. Regular practice increases your strength, lengthens and elongates your body, relieves stress and increases your over all well being.

Self-Defense - Many of the exercises are functional, so you are actually learning specific martial arts techniques that are useful for self-defense.  And yes, as in many martial arts teachings, there are hidden secrets within the exercises for you to discover.

Fat Burning - The aerobic and anaerobic nature of these exercises helps men to burn fat, promotes weight loss and tones the entire body. Calasanz also incorporates core training into this program.

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