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Bedford Self Defense
Martial arts can be beautiful! As per the image on the right; developing a solid foundation along with proper body alignment are key factors in the development of self defense. However with the enhancement of the Calasanz System, one can also be elegant and graceful at the same time.

Wilton Personal Trainers
Physical arts’ training is one of the main building blocks of the Calasanz System. The image to the right shows Calasanz training a student to develop her entire body all together, as opposed to just working on individual areas separately. This approach has shown to be a much more effective method in the natural development of the body.

Norwalk Karate Gyms
The videos on the page show the strength, ground, balance and power of Goju Ryu Karate performed at Calasanz Martial Art and Fitness. Students of all ages and genders can greatly benefit from this type of training which develops body, mind and spirit on the highest level.

New Canaan Boxing
The images above and left video show a student that has it all…and this is what is offered at Westport Boxing and MMA. Balance, poise, strength, athleticism, beauty, great technique along with real self defense techniques; what more could you ask for!

Best Fitness of Westport
Are you looking to develop a great body while training in a program that is both fun and challenging? The image to the left and both videos on the are examples of some of the many great training techniques and directions you can take with Calasanz Martial arts and Fitness!

Greenwich Self Defense
The videos on this page demonstrate some of the most logical. Well balanced techniques around in the martial arts. Developing power, balance, grounding and proper form are cornerstones for training in self defense.

Bedford Boxing
The videos here show how anyone at any level can learn to box the right way as long as the system is logical. Westport Boxing and MMA’s system is simple, yet unique at the same time allowing men, women and children of all shapes and sizes to excel.

Greenwich Recreational Boxing
This page shows the natural athletic movement needed to box on the highest level, and this can be learned without brutality. Many people train in boxing for different reasons and having a program that can cover anyone at any level is very important.

Norwalk Kung Fu
With just a simple position, this image of Calasanz on the left shows balance, form, focus, grace, alignment and quality technique which are some of the most important elements of the martial arts.

Bedford Personal Trainers
What is unique, simple, real and beautiful under The Calasanz personal training ?, it is just the fact that you are being trained under one of the most well balanced system of Martial and fitness and that entitle you to be trained in American and Recreational Boxing, Physical Arts, Martial Arts, Fitness etc., it comes to the conclusion that every body does need too long to learn how to take something home with them, but above all they learn primarily how to understand and take care of their own body. Here first you learn to be coordinated then we teach you the techniques,

Westport Personal Trainers
Here both the videos and image to the left show the beauty of the martial arts. Personal training should be something more than just weight machines or what the scale says. The Calasanz System has this approach, which goes beyond the norm, and gives you the tools to create the body you want.

Ridgefield Boxing
The videos on this page show hot to learn boxing and MMA the right way. Calasanz and Westport Boxing and MMA have more than a lifetime of lessons to tailor a program to your personal needs. No one person is the same, so it is imperative to train in a program that truly recognizes this.

Bedford Kickboxing
On the right this image shows Calasanz delivering a perfect sidekick and his student on the other end executes a perfect block in which he is fully protected. This is the basis of the Calasanz System: beautiful technique and common sense self defense.

Weston Pau Fa
Yoga with a sense of purpose far beyond the run of the mill classes: Pau Fa Yoga combines the excellence of the Calasanz System of martial arts along with the serine and relaxing principals of yoga creating and overall enlightening experience.

Greenwich Fitness Training
This page shows an exciting and dynamic approach to personal training and fitness that only the Calasanz System can offer. If you want to go beyond the standard gym workout, then this is the place for you!