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pr-keilyKiely – 15
Kiely, a 15-year-old soccer player, is sharpening her kicks by cross training! She’s hoping that a little martial arts training will carry over into the soccer field and win her a scholarship to a top Division 1 school! Calasanz designed a combination of martial art techniques taken from various ancient disciplines to increase her athletic prowess and mental toughness. Kiely’s father also likes the fact that she is learning valuable skills to defend herself when he ships his “baby” off to college.
pr-melanieMelanie – 36
When it comes to fitness, you name it Melanie has done it.  From college track, weights, treadmills, aerobics classes, yoga, Pilates, and even the new fitness craze, Zumba, Melanie says that nothing has challenged her body like the Calasanz System.  She also feels safer knowing she is learning skills that will keep her safe in a dangerous situation.
pr-williamWilliam – 55
At age 55, William, an executive at a major corporation, credits joining Calasanz with feeling as good as he did when he was 25 years old.  With his back pain gone, stress level down and sharpened focus, William feels super charged and ready to take his company to the next level!
pr-terranceTerrance – 23
Terrence is bound, determined and unstoppable in pursuing their goal to make it as professional MMA champions!If you want to fight, we at Calasanz prepare you, physically and mentally. Calasanz and his trainers utilize the most unique and high tech conditioning systems to build bodies that are ready to withstand the challenges of boxing, kickboxing, or MMA fighting. We’ll help you develop a strategy for your upcoming fight and even be in your corner on the day of the big event!
pr-bethBeth – 46
Never in a million years would Beth have imagined that she would one day join a martial arts studio! She’s now going on her 4th month at Calasanz and loves it! At 46, she feels better and stronger than ever. Beth is also happy to report that she has lost a little weight and is starting to wear clothes that have been in her closet for 10 years!
pr-brodyBrody – 5
Brody is so enthusiastic about his martial arts training that you can often catch this 5 year old practicing his moves in the dojo parking lot! He’s got a lot of energy and is channeling it into a positive physical activity, which will benefit him for the rest of his life. He is also learning the “way of the peaceful warrior” by concentrating on focus and discipline under the direction of his dedicated instructors.
pr-brianBrian – 41
At 41, a fit, athletic Brian spends his days in the oil pits where he works as an oil trader and his nights and weekends training like a fighter at Calasanz. He loves the fighter’s workout and the competitive edge it gives him both in and out of training hall. Brian trains just as hard as a competitive fighter, but in three years of working out at Calasanz, he has never had to go to work with a black eye or broken nose!
pr-davidDavid – 42
Before joining Calasanz, David spent 10 years training in both Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing. David now enjoys the balance of ancient and modern martial arts offered here at Calasanz.  Some days he puts on his gi and works on traditional karate, while on others he can engage in more contemporary arts like MMA or boxing.  David also enjoys weapons training which he would have had to wait two more years to start back at his old school.  David praises Calasanz body conditioning program, Calasanz Physical Arts, and credits it with transforming his body and enabling him to execute movements at the age of 45 that he would have never imagined in the past.
pr-margaretMargaret – 60
Margaret started training at Calasanz two years ago. At age 63, her dedication to Calasanz Physical Arts body conditioning program has resulted in improved posture, increased mobility, and decreased joint pain. Margaret is also a big fan of katas because she says learning new things keeps her mind sharp!