Corporate Wellness

HR: Attract the best talent and keep your current team in shape.

Keeping your employees healthy, sharp, focused, and competitive is critical for productivity and success in the business world. 

Historically, during tough times, unique individuals not only find the strength to face challenges, but more importantly, they find the clarity to see the way out by identifying new opportunities.  More fortunes were made during the Great Depression than in any other time in history.

The martial arts were designed specifically to fortify the mind, body and spirit to endure adversity.  In addition to its physical fitness benefits, regular martial arts practice takes the mind away from worry and focuses attention on the here and now.  Martial art students have long claimed that in this mental respite they see new approaches to their way of thinking.

We at Calasanz Martial Arts would like to bring the benefits of The Calasanz System to you.

  • Competent instructors versed in The Calasanz System to guide you through our routines.
  • Executive Private training customizable to personal preferences.
  • Calasanz Physical Arts holistic exercises designed to build up your strength and flexibility.

Start retaining your skilled employees with the best wellness available. Contact us or call 800 414-9544.