Fight Club

The training regime of the boxer, kickboxer, or MMA competitor is great way to exercise. It’s also a fresh break from the mundane world of aerobics classes, stair steppers, rowing machines and stale weight lifting routines. Imagine committing yourself to a program that not only transforms your body, but also develops your fighting spirit. If you want to try something exciting, new and different to reach your fitness goals, we welcome you to try Calasanz Fight Club™.

As a member of Calasanz Fight Club™, you enter an elite fitness program that combines the training methods of professional fighters, with Calasanz years of body conditioning and martial arts wisdom. The curriculum is structured to condition your body, teach you the basic movements of professional boxers, kickboxers, and MMA fighters and challenge you to apply what you have learned in either competitive sparring sessions with your classmates or non-competitively, as you challenge yourself to reach your personal goals. It is up to you whether you would like to spar in the ring or the cage or just utilize Calasanz Fight Club™ as a fitness-building program. Either way, you get an amazing workout and learn valuable self-defense.

Phase 1
You’ll be getting in shape! The Calasanz body conditioning system, CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS®, will physically prepare you, focusing on building:

Strength | Endurance | Flexibility | Stamina | Coordination | Balance

Drills, floor exercises, use of dumbbells and ankle weights, stretching, footwork and stance work is also incorporated.

Phase 2
You’ll learn to execute and apply the Fighter’s Basic Tools. Trained instructors teach you how to punch, kick and block. You then learn to link punches, kicks and blocks together in effective fighting combinations. Once you have mastered the basics, you’ll begin executing them against focus mitts, air shields, and freestanding bags.

You can, if you choose, also begin to learn the basics of ground fighting – positioning, moving, avoiding takedowns and avoiding submissions.

Phase 3
This phase helps you develop power, technique and speed in addition to teaching you how to use your knees and elbows as weapons. New kicks and punches are also introduced as well as shadow boxing and mirror work. You are also taught how to use the wooden dummy, a training device used by the late Bruce Lee, as an excellent way of developing your timing and technique.

Your instructors also teach you how to train on the heavy bag, speed bag and double end bag.  Your ground fighting skills will also be stepped up a notch, as you will begin learning takedowns, throws, and submissions.

Phase 4
You’ll now enter the ring and participate in supervised sparring and ground fighting (rolling) sessions. Here’s where you apply the skills you learned in Phases 2 and 3. Or, you may choose the non-competitive form of Calasanz Fight Club™, and continue to learn new techniques and combinations and apply what you have learned in simulated self-defense situations.

Calasanz Fight Club™ will get you in the best shape of your life and enable you to test your newly acquired skills if you so choose or train like a fighter without having to fight!