When I first began my training with Calasanz, I was of the belief that Wing-Chun was a soft and delicate martial discipline. After many years of dedication and training I am amazed at how powerful my body has become. I am capable of delivering high powered kicks and punches and block with ease!
-Dennis Grimaldi

I receive compliments on my muscles on a regular basis. I have my new found physical fitness and Calasanz to thank for my transformation. My once weak legs are now powerful thanks to intensive shin conditioning. I tell the people that compliment me about the depression and insecurity I felt before I met Calasanz. Thanks for giving me the tools to improve my life. Thank you so much Master Calasanz!
-Dolly Williams

My intention and motivation when I first arrived at Calasanz’s class was to improve my physical fitness and overall health. I had absolutely no idea that I would be teaching my own classes one day. I have now made a very successful career out of my martial arts abilities. Thank you so much for massively improving my life Calasanz!
-Jeff Prescott

I have been very physically active for the majority of my life. However I did feel initially uncomfortable when tasking my body to coordinate with my mind and spirit. But the training that I received from Calasanz has helped me enormously, both physically and mentally. I have a great understanding of my own martial arts ability and my proficiency at teaching others. I am now able to box much more effectively as I have eliminated any trace of brutality and replaced that with focus and determination. No other school could have offered this level of training.
-Gavin Barker

At other martial arts training facilities I kept getting injured due to the lack of patient and guided instruction. I was seriously considering giving up on the whole thing. Within one month of training with Calasanz and his other instructors I was more confident with his system than any of the others I had tried before. Thanks Calasanz.
Jen Baker

Calasanz You have always been like a father to me as well as life teacher. I can not wait till we can reconnect and get back on the journey of training like old times. I refused to go to another martial arts gym all these years because my heart has always been with you and your school. Look forward to seeing you and the Calasanz family again
Ken Tyson