Boxing Classes CT | Calasanz

The Calasanz System has been built upon using a study of the many punches that are typically available in a boxer’s arsenal. Special attention is paid to the study of footwork, shadow boxing and the use of focus mitts. Training also incorporates the heavy, speed and double end bags and skipping rope. These boxing staples are all integrated into our students repertoire of boxing skills.

At the age of 50, Jim is an extremely focused and healthy member of the Calasanz school. Jim is a boxing enthusiast who has been our student for many years. He stated recently that He was amazed at what he was able to accomplish and the degree of physical training that he could enjoy as a result of our careful instruction.

The initial boxing training that Jim enjoyed consisted of the simple movements of sweet science employed in the art of boxing. Ever since his first lesson Jim has had a great respect for Calasanz and is a stout advocate for the benefits of his unique training system. “It is a great workout and I would recommend it to anyone of any age,” he says.

The boxing training that Calasanz provides is not only for men. A large number of women also enjoy the sport and you are never too young to join in. At the age of 9 Laura was brought to the school by her mother.

“I like the emphasis that Calasanz places on safety and developing good basics; and my daughter just loves it.” Call 203-847-6528 to learn how to box.