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CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® body conditioning system. Calasanz has developed this system though applied study of the human body, martial arts, and contemporary sports conditioning methodologies.

The holistic exercises are designed in such a way that your entire body is receiving the maximum amount of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination training. Through regular training in our system you will lengthen and elongate your body, relieve stress and increase your overall well being.

Aerobic Isolation & Isometrics
Aerobic Isolation and Isometrics utilizes weight resistance training as well as deep breathing techniques. This type of training produces impressive results quickly.

Aerobic Self Defense
The Aerobic Self Defense program is primarily for those who are trained in dance or a gymnastic discipline. Calasanz takes great pleasure training these individuals as they already have a strong physique. He confidently builds on the foundation of their previous studies.

Balance, Beauty & Power Dance
This segment of the Calasanz system combines elements of dance and martial arts, incorporating skills usually found among jazz, ballet and tap dancers.

All of these elements allow you to build on your skills and physique whilst increasing your confidence with the Calasanz system. Call 203-847-6528 now.