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The Wing Chun system was developed hundreds of years ago specifically to nullify the height and weight advantage that men have over women. This makes it a favorite for women wanting to learn self-defense.

The Wing Chun form of Kung Fu boasts a fascinating cultural history, rich in intrigue. China was ruled by the repressive Manchus over two hundred eighty years ago. They were responsible for outlawing the possession of weapons and did not allow the vast majority of the “Han Chinese” population to study self-defense or martial arts. With the seeds of revolution sprouting, the temple of Sil Lim became a place where Martial Artists developed a form of self-defense that would be deadly yet could be taught in a short space of time. Five of China’s greatest grandmasters came together to create this form of self defense yet their collective teachings were almost lost when they were discovered and put to death.

Preserving the Secrets The only survivor of the Sil Lim massacre was Ng Mui. A nun, she taught this specialized martial art to a young orphan girl by the name of Wing Chun, which translates as “hope for the future.” The method passed down through generations in secrecy. The Wing Chun system nullifies the strength advantage that men have over women.

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